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Thoughts on how to settle disputes and resolve complex situations.

DeGroote Partners

A better way to mediate and arbitrate.
Decisive leadership for special business situations.

  • Mediation & Arbitration

    Because clients want more.

    Can mediators do more to get complex commercial disputes settled? Can they add value earlier in the process? Can they get mediation back to the efficient alternative it used to be? DeGroote Partners provides customized approaches to get deals done. Firm founder John DeGroote has seen disputes from every angle: as the client, as in-house counsel, as outside counsel, as an arbitrator, and as a mediator. He’s clear on what actually gets complex cases resolved — and how that has changed over the past 25 years.
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  • Special Situations/Trustee

    Because complex situations demand business experience,
    legal expertise, and more.

    Special situations are those opportunities in which new leadership can make a real difference, and this is where the team at DeGroote Partners demonstrates their value. Whether it’s an underperforming asset to be maximized, gridlock that must be broken, or a relationship that can’t proceed without an intermediary, John and his team serve as honest brokers with a unique combination of executive, operational, and financial expertise to make a difference.
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John DeGroote Profiled in the Dallas Business Journal

  • “When it comes to mediating business disputes, some things are simple. People want comfortable surroundings, good coffee and snacks, plenty of power outlets and a convenient place to take a walk. Other things are more difficult, such as knowing how much to give and how much to take.”

    John DeGroote

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