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Thoughts on how to settle disputes and resolve complex situations.

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Mediation & Arbitration

Because clients want more.

Like our changing business environment, modern dispute resolution techniques are constantly evolving. These days, it’s the rare lawsuit that reaches a jury for resolution, and it’s not surprising that traditional approaches to dispute resolution are giving way to more creative approaches and new ways of thinking. Our team has experience in every chair in the mediation room: as the client, as outside counsel, and as the mediator. We know from experience what drives clients to settle — and when — and how that has changed over the past 25 years. We’ve seen how early case assessment and active, focused involvement by a mediator can make a difference.

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Special Situations/Trustee

Because opportunity knocks, but it seldom nags.

Special business situations are just as the name implies — they’re special. They take many forms, they feature unique facts, and they’re known for the evolving challenges they present. What these complex business situations offer is an opportunity for experienced, decisive leaders to step in and make a real difference, to navigate the conflict or problem at hand, and to identify and preserve the sometimes hidden opportunities they present. The DeGroote approach involves working as an honest broker to aggressively and efficiently wind down a business’s operations or to accomplish its stakeholders’ other goals with a keen eye on the priorities at hand. That means smart analysis, targeted action and decisive leadership — even when surrounded by unyielding parties unable to agree on anything else.

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