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Thoughts on how to settle disputes and resolve complex situations.


Because you should know how the professionals you retain handle problems.
Helpful resources on how to settle cases and get deals done aren’t always easy to find, but a selected sampling of John’s articles, presentations, and other materials is available below. Two presentations that give some insight into how John approaches problems can be found here:

Book Chapters

Speeches and Presentations

Negotiation and Settlement
Litigation Management
  • What Corporate Counsel Want You to Know About Handling Their Disputes“, Dallas Bar Association CLE Committee (November 2015) (Panelist).
  • “Effective Litigation Management: The Role of the General Counsel”, guest lecture Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law’s “The Role of the General Counsel” course (Given Twice Annually).
  • “Effective Litigation Management: Doing a Good Job at “Herding Cats” TexasBarCLE’s 11th Annual Advanced In-House Counsel Course (August 2012).
  • “Lawyer-Leader: Your Role as General Counsel” The General Counsel Forum, Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter, Dallas, Texas (September 2011) (Panelist).
  • “Litigation Management Tools” DFW Texas General Counsel Roundtable Luncheon (August 2010) (Panelist).
  • “Litigation Masters Series: Location, Location, Location: Arbitration vs. Litigation and Global Litigation Concerns” Association of Corporate Counsel Webcast (December 2009).
  • “An Introduction to Corporate Litigation” Association of Corporate Counsel, New to In-house Institute & In-house Paralegal Program, Atlanta, Georgia (May 2009).
  • “Reduce Your Legal Fees Now: Unconventional Dispute Resolution” Association of Corporate Counsel, Austin Chapter (April 2009) (Co-Presenter).
  • “Crisis Management: Responding When Disaster Strikes” Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington (October 2008) (Panelist).
  • “Reducing Litigation Risk in High-Stakes Disputes: Setting Them Up for Victory” Texas General Counsel Forum DFW Chapter (April 2008) (Panelist).
  • “The Plaintiffs’ Docket” InsideCounsel SuperConference, Chicago, Illinois (May 2007)
  • “Managing Outside Counsel: Using Legal Project Management to Increase Efficiency and Control Costs” GC South Roundtable, Atlanta, Georgia (April 2006).
  • “A Policyholder’s Perspective on ‘Bet the Company’ Litigation”Canadian Defence Lawyers’ Association Second Annual Insurance Coverage Symposium, Toronto, Ontario (February 2006).
  • “Taking a Proactive Approach to Catastrophic Litigation,” Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. (October 2005) (Panelist).
  • “The Role of In-House Counsel” Howard University Law School Speakers Program, Washington, D.C. (February 2004).
Other Topics
    1. Ethical Considerations in Beginning an ADR Practice – Interactions with the Experts“, TexasBarCLE 14th Annual Alternative Dispute Resolution Course, Austin, Texas (January 2016) (Panelist).
    2. “Settlement Counsel: Why, How and When?” ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, Chicago, Illinois (October 2013) (Panelist).
    3. “Helping General Counsel Avoid Disasters when Negotiating Software Development & Implementation Projects” TexasBarCLE Webcast (September 2012) (Co-Presenter).
    4. “Auditors, Clients and Counsel: Roles and Responsibilities” ABA’s Third Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud, Arlington, Virginia (October 2008) (Panelist).
    5. “Avoiding Horizontal Stripes: Keeping Your Company’s Officers and Yourself Out of Jail” Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois (October 2007).
    6. “Contract Boilerplate – Who Reads it Anyway?” Southern-California In-House Counsel Conference, Los Angeles, California (January 2007).
    7. “Corporate Roundtable: An Insider’s Perspective to E-Discovery” Mealey’s Corporate E-Discovery Conference (October 2006) (Panelist).
    8. “Patent Trolls” Measures and Countermeasures Association of Corporate Counsel Webcast (Septemeber 2006).
    9. “Corporate Investigations: Mitigating Risk and Negotiating Solutions” ABA’s First Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud, Washington, D.C. (September 2006) (Panelist).
    10. “New Issues in Insurance” InsideCounsel SuperConference, Chicago, Illinois (April 2006).
    11. “Seven Trouble Spots for Software Development Projects” Software Litigation Conference, Atlanta, Georgia (September 2005).
    12. “SEC Investigations” Corporate Legal Times SuperConference, Chicago, Illinois (June 2005).
    13. “Hot Topics In: Intellectual Property” Association of Corporate Counsel, Corporate Counsel University, Dallas, Texas (October 2004).