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Dallas Mediator John DeGroote Headed to Lawdragon 500 Hall of Fame

DALLAS – National legal publication Lawdragon has singled out cutting-edge mediator John DeGroote as a 2021 inductee for the publication’s Hall of Fame based on his unique experience and innovative approach to resolving significant business disputes.

The founder of Dallas-based DeGroote Partners, LLC, DeGroote taps a rare combination of skills to find business solutions to seemingly intractable disputes. Lawdragon notes that DeGroote has been at the forefront of his generation of mediators, working to find efficient solutions through early, proactive involvement in the cases he handles – before, on, and after mediation day.

“Mediation has changed, and mediators have to change with it,” DeGroote told Lawdragon. “When I was a client I thought of mediation as an event that started over coffee at 9:30 and ended with a settlement or an impasse before you went home, but my practice has never really fit that mold.

Mr. DeGroote worked as chief litigation counsel and, later, a general counsel for a global technology consulting firm where he managed an active litigation docket. Prior to his service in-house, DeGroote practiced as a business litigator for 10 years, gaining experience handling a range of commercial disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants. DeGroote also serves as an arbitrator, has managed an international intellectual property holding company, and has served as an independent director in select situations.

Capitalizing on his multiple roles in the life cycle of commercial disputes, Mr. DeGroote leverages his perspective and experience to settle litigation – often before it starts.

“Successful resolution of a business dispute only rarely involves a long march all the way to a jury trial,” Mr. DeGroote said. “It’s usually about identifying what a case is worth and quickly resolving it so the clients can get back to business.” 

DeGroote adds: “Most everything out there is negotiable if you know what people really want. The challenge is to figure out what that is.”

About DeGroote Partners 

Dallas-based DeGroote Partners works with parties in mediation to narrow the scope of disputes, settle cases earlier, and implement customized approaches to complex problems, and as an arbitrator John DeGroote is known for his focus on resolution efficiency, customer service, and advance preparation. As trustees, managers and administrators for business interests facing special situations, the DeGroote Partners team leverages its C-suite expertise, legal experience, and in-depth analysis to help clients resolve seemingly intractable problems on a cost-effective basis.    

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