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John DeGroote Earns Spot among D Magazine’s 2016 Best Lawyers in Dallas

John DeGroote has been named to D Magazine‘s exclusive 2016 listing of Best Lawyers in Dallas for his creative approach to alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

“With experience as a litigator, corporate counsel, and business executive, he brings rare and valuable perspective to dispute resolution,” says one profile of Mr. DeGroote. “John has seen disputes from every angle:  as the client, as in-house counsel, as outside counsel, as an arbitrator, and as a mediator. He’s clear on what actually gets complex cases resolved – and how that has changed over the past 25 years.”

DeGroote’s approach, talents, and results place him among today’s most innovative and effective mediators. One litigator who mediated a case with DeGroote put it this way: “John can fashion common ground out of thin air.”

Read the full profile in D Magazine here.

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